About Us

Welcome to FR3KLS-AQUATICS: Where Passion for Water Meets Adventure.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of FR3KLS-AQUATICS, the premier indoor aquatic and wellness destination crafted by Naadhirah Mukadam. Here, our commitment to swimming excellence and well-being shines through every program we offer. From our nurturing aqua bambinos and transformative learn-to-swim classes to invigorating squad training and aqua aerobics, FR3KLS-AQUATICS caters to every age and skill level, ensuring a unique and comprehensive swimming experience. Our mission extends beyond teaching; it's about instilling confidence, fostering water safety, and igniting a lifelong love for swimming in a welcoming environment for both genders, with specialized sessions for added comfort.

But our passion doesn't stop at the pool's edge. Venture into FR3KLS, our curated swim store, born from a shared love for the ocean, adventure, and triathlon between Naadhirah, a dedicated mother, swimmer, and triathlete, and her daughter. This extension of our aquatic hub brings the same dedication to quality and convenience, offering everything you need for beach outings, triathlon training, and outdoor adventures. Our products are chosen with care, emphasizing compactness, functionality, and style to enhance your active lifestyle.

FR3KLS-AQUATICS and FR3KLS merge seamlessly to form a holistic approach to aquatic fitness and outdoor adventure. Whether you're taking your first swim lesson, aiming to improve your aquatic skills, or searching for the perfect gear for your next outdoor adventure, we're here to support you every splash and step of the way.

Join us on this exciting journey, where water safety meets outdoor adventure, and discover the difference passion, expertise, and community can make in your aquatic pursuits and beyond. Embark on your aquatic adventure with FR3KLS-AQUATICS and gear up for your next outdoor exploit at FR3KLS – your all-in-one destination for swimming excellence and adventure essentials.

Let's dive in and make waves together!