Our Offerings:

Aqua Bambino

For: Babies and toddlers aged 0-3 years - Moms & Tots

Duration: 20-minute group class

Focus: Building water confidence and safety skills through songs and playful activities

Kids Learn to Swim

For: Children over 3 years old

Duration: 20-minute group classes

Focus: Teaching swimming techniques and preparing for school and life

Squad Training

For: Confident swimmers looking to enhance their skills

Duration: 30-minute group classes

Focus: Perfecting technique for competitive swimming, including diving, tumble turns, and race starts

Ladies Learn to Swim

For: Women and young adults

Duration: 20-minute group or individual classes

Focus: Building comfort and confidence in the water

Mens Learn to Swim

For: Men, young adults, and teens

Duration: 20-minute group classes

Focus: Developing comfort and confidence in the water

Stroke Correction

For: Kids, men, and women

Duration: 20-minute group classes

Focus: Refining swimming technique to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Aqua Aerobics

For: Ladies

Duration: 1-hour group classes

Focus: Exhilarating full-body exercise to reduce pain, increase mobility, and enhance fitness


For: Men and women (separate sessions)

Duration: 30-minute individual or group classes

Focus: Rehabilitating specific muscle groups post-operation or stroke, improving range of motion and daily activities

Swim Crash Course

For: Women seeking intensive training

Duration: 30-minute group classes (can book multiple sessions per day)

Focus: Intensive one-week crash course covering basic to advanced swimming skills

Aqua Parties

For: Anyone looking to celebrate special occasions

Venue: Our indoor heated pool facility

Amenities: Ample space for tables, seating, and aquatic fun