Collection: Swim Gowns


ntroducing our "Swim Gowns" collection by FR3KLS Aquatics, crafted with premium microfibre material to revolutionize your post-swim experience. These swimming gowns are not only highly absorbent and quick-drying but also wind-resistant and compact, making them perfect for the beach or after a swim session.

Designed in 2018 to add convenience to your life, our swim gowns ensure that you and your loved ones can transition effortlessly from the pool or sea to home. With FR3KLS Aquatics' Swim Gowns, there's no need to spend extra time getting dressed—simply slip into the gown, head home, and jump into the shower. Whether for kids or adults, these gowns are a must-have for anyone engaging in swimming lessons or aquatic activities. Enjoy the blend of functionality and comfort with FR3KLS Aquatics' Swim Gowns, and make every swim a breeze.

Swim Gowns